Digital Transformation Connect 2018

September 12-September 14, 2018

The Westin San Diego, CA


Whitepapers and Reports

White Paper: Accelerating Digital Transformation in B2B Ecommerce

As B2B sales evolves, companies are identifying digital initiatives as part of an essential step towards improving experiences for new and existing customers, as well as differentiating themselves from their competitors. This report identifies how manufacturers and distributors achieve executive support for strategic digital initiatives, and provides insights into key stages of their development, including:

  • Increasing sales through online channels to both acquisitions and existing customers 
  • Aligning digital and business initiatives to achieve executive buy-in 
  • Expanding ecommerce operations for a greater presence in the digital market

Infographic: Transforming B2B Customer Engagement with Cognitive Capabilities

Take advantage of the insights and discover the priorities of leading customer experience executives as they identify their strengths, digital maturity, and areas of improvement in the new B2B digital environment.

Infographic: How Predictive Customer Intelligence is Changing B2B Marketing

What’s changing in the world of cognitive analytics? In this infographic, see how 100 senior executives in digital marketing, IT leadership, and more reveal the state of B2B in the Digital Age.