Digital Transformation Connect 2021 Blog

Determining the ROI of Data, Data, and MORE DATA!

Information is everywhere in the digital economy, and organizations want a good return on their investment in it. Data is so far-reaching that companies are starting to consider its actual monetary value..

The Top 10 Digital Transformation Trends in B2B

Once primarily a vehicle for streamlining internal processes, digital transformation is assuming a different role in the B2B sector. Several trends are in turn facilitating this shift and creating new dynamics in an evolving market.

Organizational Transformation & Culture Change

Digital transformation isn't the only thing driving the need for a change in culture and mindset at the enterprise level. Demographic factors have come into play as the job market sees an influx of Millennials into the industry and the imminent departure of baby boomers from the B2B sector.

Creating A Unified Commerce Experience for Customers

The customer experience in B2B is very different from that of B2C - despite a convergence of expectations in recent years. In the B2B realm, pricing and contracts can change drastically from client to client - even from product to product - depending on the industry and whether products or services are made or delivered to order.